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KaiOS is a direct competitor to the Apple OS (iOS) and the Android OS. Initially started in 2017, the operating system’s growth has been exponential with 150 million users gained in 4 years of activity. The company targets growing markets with high potential, offering the basic human need of communication and internet connection at a fraction of the cost. The primary features of KaiOS bring support for 4G LTE E, VoLTE, GPS, and Wi-Fi; with HTML5-based apps

Why KaiOS?

Dozens of models worldwide, starting at just $10.

Over 150 Million Users

Over 1000 Apps available on the KaiStore

KaiOS growth is being largely attributed to the popularity of the competitively-priced Jio phone. In Q1 2018, 23 million KaiOS devices were released.

Devices that are installed with KaiOS are:

  • Alcatel Go Flip (known as Cingular Flip 2 on AT&T, Alcatel MyFlip on TracFone Wireless) and 3088X
  • Reliance Jio's JioPhone, JioPhone F30C, F101K, F120B, F220B, F211S, F221S, F250Y, F271I, F10Q, F41T, F50Y, F61F, F81E, F90M, LF-2401, LF-2402, LF-2403, LF-2403N, all branded as LYF, JioPhone 2, F300B, F310B, JioPhone lite, F320B
  • HMD Global's Nokia 8110 4G, 2720 Flip, 800 Tough, 6300 4G, 8000 4G
  • Energizer Energy E220, E220S, E241, E241S and Hardcase H241, H242, H280S
  • Doro 7010, 7030, 7050, 7060Cat B35
  • Maxcom MK241, MK281
  • WizPhone WP006, launched in Indonesia in partnership with Google and Alfamart.
  • MTN 3G phone (MTN Smart S 3G)Positivo P70S (Brazil)Multilaser ZAPP (Brazil)Tecno T901
  • Jazz Digit 4G (Pakistan)Orange Sanza 2, Sanza XL
  • Kitochi 4G Smart
  • Vodacom Smart Kitochi (Vida), Vodacom Smart Kitochi (Azumi)
  • QMobile 4G Plus (Pakistan)
  • GeoPhone T15 (Bangladesh)
  • Sigma mobile X-Style S3500 sKai (Ukraine)

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About Kustmann

We started off with a vision to bring a change to the KaiOS market and in turn improve the lives of millions of people in emerging nations. After succeeding in the development of our first apps, we quickly realised that there were many more people like us, with great new ideas, which were waiting to be realised. This brings us to where we are now. Our team is full of passionate and experienced experts, all connected by the same goal – To help our clients materialise their ideas on the market and provide value for millions of people. No dream is too big for us. We will make it happen!

About the Founders

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the costs involved in developing an app with Kustmann?

The costs are largely dependent on the complexity of the app. Lightweight apps that do not require back-end support can take as little as $1500 while more complex apps can have costs of over $100,000. Contact us and we will happily provide you with a quotation.

How long is the process of developing an app?

The total project time cost depends on the workload. Simple MVP-s for some apps can be developed within a few weeks, while other complex apps might need a few months.

What regions will my app reach? 

While there are more than 200 million total KaiOS users, the final reach of an app is dependent on the market, where the app is released. Targeting multiple markets also increases the potential userbase. We can bring your app to the African, European, Asian and South American markets.

What size projects do you accept?

We believe that every app has the potential to succeed and will help in developing any app, regardless of its size.

What are the services being offered by Kustmann?

In addition to start-to-finish development of apps, our team also offer pre- and post-development services like app management (including updates), advertising, market research and future development options.

Which programming tools do we use?

KaiOS runs on HTML5, but we are able to mandate any other programming language or technology stack in accordance with our customers needs.

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